Hey everybody its Angie and welcome to hot and flashy in today’s video I have my empties for you for the last couple of months last time I did one of these was in mid-august so last time I had a lot of makeup this time it’s what seem to be all skin care which is good because I know you.

Guys love to talk about skin care as do I so let’s get into it let me do the one thing that.

Isn’t skin care first and that is a hair color just to get it out of the way so you guys know sometimes I color my.

Own hair I do my roots because they are gray with a base color that’s like a dark brown and I usually use a salon for that and I love my E salon hair color but I decided to give medicine read a try so this is in my empties it’s the mess and.

Read radiant hair color kit it promises a hundred percent gray coverage with ammonia para Brit paraben fel a gluten free formula the color I got it in is seven and V a light smoky Brown so anyway I use this to.

You I didn’t really like it as much as I like a salon I just prefer that you salon formulation a lot better because it gave me better gray root coverage I found.

With this it didn’t really cover my roots that well and so they were just kind of it was more like a sheer wash of color over my gray so you could still see see that little bit of like silvery sparkle through the hair color and it didn’t last as long because as it you know.

Faded it went very brassy and orange so much prefer the e salon which is a custom color that they mix up just for me so we’re on.

A few colors to pick from on that one it’s like the entire world of color and if you don’t like it or if it fades you know like this one did too a little too brassy a little too warm and orangie they can tweak your formula so I have gone back to using my e salon I really only tried.
This once and the next time that I colored my.

Roots I did use a salon and I was like oh there it is so happy with that which is solid it really is a hundred percent gray coverage I don’t find that the color.

Fades over time it stays true and exactly as it was when I put it in so I love Issa lon and.

Was not that thrilled with this Madison Reid are you guys let’s move into skin care the first thing that I want to talk about is that I used up my lactic acid serum from the.
Ordinary are you guys aware of like the drama that’s surrounding the.

DES see’em ordinary company oh my gosh a couple of viewers had written in and said the ordinary is gone it’s dead what are we going to do where are we gonna get our inexpensive skin care the CEO of this company has been acting a little you know weird the last year I mean it’s been a hugely successful company they were invested.

In by Estee Lauder who now has like a 28% share in the company and on October 8th he said you know that’s it I’m done I’m shutting down the company.

And the website went offline and you know it is a like multi-billion dollar company so it’s not gonna just disappear because one person says I’m done with this I’m out and so he’s gonna be removed and then the.

Company will continue and sure enough now all the websites are back online you can.