Purchase the products we’re gonna have to wait and see how that.

Shakes out but currently don’t worry about your ordinary products you can buy them anyway there’s only like two or three ordinary products that I use in my daily skincare routine and this.

Is one of them I have a hard time using alpha hydroxy acids and lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid so this is lactic acid 5% with hyaluronic acid 2% so I put this on in the morning after my vitamin C serum and before my coenzyme q10 serum it’s.

Nice it’s moisturizing it’s not too acid II and harsh but it is formulated at the right pH.

And it has the right amount of lactic acid in it for my skin if you have skin that’s not a sense of it was mine they do have a 10% version of this I did order more it should be here in a couple days so you can still get your favorite ordinary products no worries about that I have may love the glow maker in my empties this month last time I did an empties I had my timeless.

These are both l-ascorbic acid based vitamin C serums I kind of tend to use them interchangeably for me there really aren’t many vitamin C serums that I will actually use because they’re not formulated right they’re not at.

The right pH they don’t have the right helper ingredients these both have everything done right they’re both at about the same price point now they’re under.
30 bucks this one’s 28 this one’s 24.

Off on this I have 10% off on this and the formulas are so so similar I feel like they have a similar feel they go on just as well the main differences between the two are that the male of has 15% l-ascorbic acid where the timeless has 20% l-ascorbic acid the timeless I believe has more vitamin.
E in it than the male of which is a helper ingredient that helps.

To stabilize the l-ascorbic acid and also helps to make it more effective this is more.

Of a very simple stripped-down it doesn’t have a lot of you know botanicals and things like that in it the ingredient list is very short there is only one thing in here that I wish it didn’t have is the benzyl.

Alcohol which is the second to the last ingredient so that is not the worst of the alcohols that you can have in there like SD alcohol which is super drying for mature skin but it’s also not one of the fatty alcohols either it’s kind of in the middle but where it’s the second to.

The last ingredient it’s in there in such a trace amount that it’s really probably not gonna do anything to your skin I have never had a problem with it I use it just about every day but I was giving the male of a try and I did like this a lot this.

One does have a lot more botanicals in it so if you’re into that it has like some willow bark and grape seed extract so they both actually give you a freshness guarantee this one is for a hundred days this one is for three months I think 90.

Days so you really can’t go wrong with either one I love them both as I said I will put links to everything that I’m showing in the video.

Box below along with my discount codes for these but you know they’re both terrific products.