If you’re looking for an L ascorbic acid based vitamin C to use and maybe if the timeless was ever too strong for your skin at 20% you could use the may love instead because.

It has the 15% and where it has more of those.

Like soothing botanicals in there it might work a little bit better for you but all right so sticking with my morning routine I ran out of another one of my sera BPM facial moisturizing lotions I’ve used this for over 60 years now I absolutely love this this contains niacinamide which is great for your skin it helps to brighten and kind of fade your.

Reduce the look of your pores which sadly.

For me it hasn’t done but anyway it is supposed to do that it also contains ceramides which are fatty lipids that are naturally found in.

Your skin so it is replenishing some of those.

To help keep your skin nice and moisturized and plump it contains hyaluronic acid which is too big of a molecule to get.

Through your skin but it does sit on the surface and it attracts water and it makes your skin look plump and smooth I feel like it keeps my skin really moisturized really like OnPoint really looking fresh and better so love that what else is in here from my morning I’m trying to.

Do morning first and then evening the CeraVe facial cleanser which I use every morning as well this has a lot of the same things that the lotion has.

So it has the ceramides it doesn’t have the niacinamide but it does have hyaluronic acid and this is just great because you.

Know in the morning your face isn’t really dirty you don’t need to like be scrubbing at it or stripping it and this doesn’t have any soap or any surfactants and that strip your moisture barrier so it leaves your skin comfortable and soft and ready to accept all of your.

Skin care it’s not gonna be at the right pH and everything so you can put your skin care on it will absorb and it’s huge and really inexpensive alright moving on to the evening skin care routine they go through one of these a month so every single month this will be in my empty so actually this being a two or three month empties there were actually two or three in here this is my.

Prescription retinoid this is how I get my.

Retin-a now I used to get a prescription from my.

Dermatologist and haven’t filled in my local pharmacy now I go with cure ology because my prescription retin-a.

From the pharmacy was getting really expensive my insurance stopped covering it so this for me is a lot less because it’s 2495 a month and they ship it to me every.

I love about it is that it’s a mixture of three ingredients while it does contain my prescription tretinoin which is in there at 0.09% it also contains clindamycin at 1% and it is really cleared up.

My skin amazingly and it also contains azalea acid at 5% so the mixture of those three has been amazing on my skin I don’t know if you guys have seen me in the Cure ology ad it is authorized by me so no worries.

People have contacted me about that to let me know in case it was another one of these things where they were stealing my image but this is the first one where they’re not so I’m happy about.