That if you had ever had any problem with your tretinoin being drying or anything it’s a really nice moisturizing base that it’s in so it I think.

You might have a little better time acclimating to this plus the great thing about cure ology is.

That they can start you on a really low dose of tretinoin like 0.01 and then as you get acclimated over time you can just email them and they can bump it up so that they can help you to acclimate to it over time so.

It’s brilliant because usually with your doctor they’re not going to give you one prescription this month and then change it for you the next month so I love that about cure ology I just love the product I can’t even tell you since I’ve been using this my skin has been so clear so comfortable so not irritated like it was with my old retin-a prescription so really love that but I can’t use it on my neck I’m actually thinking of asking them for a second.

Subscription so that I can get one with a really low dose to use on my neck which I might do actually I’m gonna contact them today about that but what I do use on my neck since I can’t use retin-a is I.

Use over-the-counter retinol and I’ve been using a couple things over the last couple of years the first one that I had been using was the Sarah V skin renewing cream serum this is an awesome retinol product I’ve used so other retinols from other companies that were.

Irritating this one I don’t find to be irritating I really really like it but after I finished this one I had switched because I wanted to try something that was a one-step in-between retinol and tretinoin tretinoin is already in the usable form that your skin needs so you put it on your skin immediately it hits those receptors.

That it needs to hit and your skin starts producing more collagen and turning over faster well with retinol the.

Over-the-counter stuff it has to go through two conversions in your skin before it can be used and no one knows how much of it your skin actually converts it could be 5% could be a hundred percent.

It’s gonna be different for everyone it’s gonna be different for every retinol that you try.

So who knows but there is a step in.

Between where instead of doing two conversions.

To get to be usable this ingredient only has to do one conversion so it’s called retinaldehyde and i found it in this event product i’ve used it i used this whole thing up I love this and I’ve been using the Sun but unfortunately my neck looks awful today I ran out of this a week ago and so my neck irritation right now is.

Not from this it’s from something else that I started using that I was gonna test instead of this it’s been really red and really itchy and Bernie once that happens I’m like okay I can’t use that so I’m done testing that product that will be in my favs and fails coming up at the beginning of November my.

Neck is so sensitive but this doesn’t irritate it so I’m definitely.

Going back to this because I don’t have a problem with this but one product that.

I do use on my neck when it is irritated like this is my LA roche-posay.

Secret Plast balm b5 I’m using this to help my neck right now you should have seen it yesterday.