Yesterday was the worst day it was so red.

And inflamed and irritated today it has calmed down quite a bit and I put this on last night and.

It really really helped this is kind of a like greasy moisturizer so I don’t really like to use it during the day on my face but even.

If my face is a little bit red or irritated I’ll put this on my face for overnight and it is awesome this contains 5% panthenol it also contains made cast aside which I.

Don’t really know what that is but it’s supposed to have some antioxidant properties it also contains copper zinc and manganese all of which are very soothing to the skin especially zinc and it is fragrance free paraben free and it can be used on babies and children and your irritated neck and your irritated face.

So that’s fabulous product that I’ve been using a lot but I did get a new and I have that one ready to go so the last thing is my babe lash this is a lash + brow.

Growth serum that I started using earlier this year I do have another one up there that I am currently using so love this continue to use it I’ve used a number of lash + brow growth serums over the years starting with originally.

And then working my way through other things and I got to say they.

All kind of work really well actually I’ve had good luck with all of them it’s just some are more sting II than others like Latisse really hurt to use so I stopped using that one one of them just stopped working so then I switched.

And then I just wanted to try different ones so I tried babe lash so the one that I was using before this which was revitalash nothing wrong with it never stopped working just was looking for something a little less expensive that’s why I tried this and this has been great.

Especially on the brows I really noticed a difference in my eyebrows since I started using this they have really filled in quite a lot I’m really enjoying the shape of them now and you know I don’t have to be.

Using brow pencil or brow pomade or brow anything the way I use it is it just has a little brush inside.

And I just do dip swipe dip swipe dip swipe dip the swipe so for dips for swipes every.

Night and my lashes are looking good my brows are nice and full so really loving that so that brings us to the bottom of our empty spin for today so I hope you found the video helpful and informative if you did give it a like and don’t forget to subscribe.

To my channel and hit the notification bell if you haven’t already so thanks everybody for.

Your time I really appreciate your watching so have a great day and I will see you in the next video take care of Eddie I like.