Welcome to the free webinar on the cybersecurity career course now cybersecurity is the hot thing now you see cyber security in featured in movies or TV shows like CSI cyber mr. robot blackhat and even in the news with Ed Snowden WikiLeaks cases of ransomware Russian hackers a lot of hospital in recent years have fallen victim to an attack.

Known as ransomware this is an attack where the attacker sends some type of malware to an unsuspecting person and it basically locks up.

Your computer and has a clock that runs down and tells you that if you do not pay X amount of dollars your data is going to.

Be deleted forever so it encrypts your data and they have the key if you pay they’ll send you the key to decrypt your data but if you don’t then it becomes gone forever forever for good now what is cyber security I like to say that cyber security is a way to secure data and resources to ensure that there is confidentiality integrity and availability confidentiality deals with making sure things stay secret things are private integrity deals with ensuring.
That there is no unauthorized modification.

Of data while availability means that the data is available it’s there it’s not shut down and people or users have access to it so why a Korea in the cyber security field I like to say that this job is a job that gets advertised for you in the news so the bad guys basically cell CEOs on cybersecurity it’s what keeps CEOs and agency leaders awake at.

Night the constant headlines of compromises or data that’s been stolen or systems have been hacked keeps these agency leaders or CEOs awake at night they do not want to fall victim to cybersecurity attacks they don’t want their companies or organizations to be on the front page of the news the ratio of jobs and skills so right now there is a high demand for cybersecurity jobs but the supply is low there are less people.

Qualified to fill those jobs if you look at nations like China Iran they constantly attack the United States and the United States needs people who are skilled to help defend and protect their resources these days everything is connected to.
The internet everything is an AI something I phone iPad so there is a term.

Called IOT which stands for Internet of Things which means that everything is connected to the internet everything is online.

From your refrigerator your Smart TV your smart watches there are smart refrigerators that send you an email when your milk is low so everything thermos starts things are connected to the Internet and the more technology and Falls means that there.

Are going to be people who find flaws of vulnerabilities with these systems with these new technologies which means cyber security people would need to assess these systems and make a determination on what the security risks are so this leads to employment cybersecurity is not going away anytime soon if you think of the number of federal.

Agencies in the country I believe it’s about 430 each agency has to have their systems authorized so any system any piece of technology that is installed anything that needs to go live into production needs to be authorized and these things get authorized through a process called the risk management framework when you perform a.