Risk analysis or risk assessment and you receive what is called an ATO authority to operate so there the government is looking for people who are skilled in performing risk assessments who.

Know the risk management framework who know about authorizing systems so this is a niche within cyber security that’s not too technical it’s more policy driven though there are some technical pieces to it but I.

Think it’s a good niche in cybersecurity that pays well how about systems they.

Need to migrate to the cloud the government agencies and a lot of commercial businesses are now taking their resources their data basically taking everything to the cloud where you had an on-prem on-premises brick-and-mortar.

These infrastructures to the cloud so there is a need for cyber security people who are skilled in making that determination on what needs to go how it should go to the cloud things you need to consider contractual agreements people who know about FedRAMP so there’s lots and lots of opportunity here within cybersecurity the cybersecurity field is vast it’s a big playing field and they need people right now we live in the information age so people who know how to protect and secure that.

Information get paid high dollars there was an article from heritage org that says Gao estimated that cyber identity theft cost US citizens and companies almost 50 billion would it be billion dollars and this cyber threat has only grown since then Forbes says 1 million cyber security job openings in 2016 celebrity Robert Herjavec from the hash Iraq group knows about cyber.

Security his statement was the shortage of cyber security professionals it’s expected to get worse over the upcoming years so we need cyber security people cordons of forbes.

Salaries in the US metros hit three hundred and eighty thousand dollars and in this slide here we have charts from and graphs from indeed Glassdoor I believe and one is saying that network security engineers the average salary is a hundred and seven thousand dollars another survey shows that it’s 96 and some change and this are the one from DICE shows the different salaries and how the Washington DC area is number.

Valley is number one Baltimore is number six where are the cybersecurity jobs the best area really is Washington DC which is number one New York Dallas and Baltimore according to indeed according to Peninsula.

Press the demand for cybersecurity.

Jobs is booming and take a look at this survey that was done and it shows the growth in cybersecurity jobs from 2010 to 2014 it’s a 91% and just recently the feds gave Booz Allen Hamilton.

A contract for 1 billion dollars this is for cyber defense 1 billion dollars so if I were you I will be looking to get employed by this company and take a look at this one from fed scoop talks about CDM contracts worth 1 billion dollars coming this month if.

You google cyber defense contracts or cyber contracts you’ll see like tons tons of awards of cybersecurity of contracts big question how do I get one of these jobs so one way to get these jobs.