Is for you to get the skills get training get trained we offer a good cybersecurity course that teaches you topics from industry standard certifications like CISSP cast cap ceh security plus we give hands-on experience and we train you for what you will see on the job so this is not cyber security training for you to get a certification this is training for you to get employed training for you to do the job to know and do the job it’s a.

Career based training and not a certification based training although we do have elements from certifications and we do teach you how to get the certifications with tip and tricks but it is geared towards people who are looking to change their jobs or if you’re already in the cybersecurity field and you’re trying to do something else we teach you different aspects of the cyber security field different niches in the cyber security field we also come at this we approach this with a layman’s approach we don’t expect that everyone knows everything and we teach you like you.

Had a blank slate and we we bring you up to speed we have practice questions again on-the-job training hands-on practicals flashcards interview prep exam prep or resume prep one big myth about cybersecurity jobs is that you have to be a hacker or you have to be technical to to get.

A cybersecurity job as a matter of fact when you think about cybersecurity.

You think about some guy like crouched over a computer and you know typing and hacking away there is the technical side of cybersecurity and there’s also the policy side of cybersecurity in my opinion the policy side of cybersecurity needs more people because most people.

Who are enthusiastic about cybersecurity tend to go for the technical jobs leaving the policy jobs wide open so there’s a need for people who know the policy side.

Of cybersecurity the assessments and all that another myth is that you need to get certifications and you need a degree in.

Order to get a cybersecurity job while these two things can help you get a job faster and can help you advance in your job there are a lot of companies who take a chance on people who don’t have these things but are passionate and that’s why we train you how to get these things but also we make you excited about cybersecurity we really really invest in our students and trust me it will be a decision well and worth it to register for.

Our cybersecurity course click on the link attached with this video or visit slash training dot HTML that is HTTP colon forward slash forward slash WW cyber first solutions comm forward slash training dot HTML.