But sometimes it’s a burden maybe you’ve been in a situation with the sibling and they’ve asked you please don’t tell your other sibling or.

Please don’t tell your parent but it’s something that they need to know you know maybe you’ve been in a situation where someone’s hurting themselves in some way you find out that they’re.

Cutting or they’re bulimic or they’re.

Embezzling money or they really need some help with drug and alcohol dependence but they’ve asked you to keep the secret where do you feel that in your body secrets can make us physically sick because they’re stored you know we store.

Them we could stress headaches we get anxiety we get stomachaches our shoulders hurt we get depression and so that’s saying we’re as sick as our secrets it’s.

Really true we are sick with the secrets that we keep the other ways that it affects us is that we live small you know when we have a secret.

And we don’t want anyone to know the real truth about who we are and what we’re doing we live small you know we maybe don’t get.

The love that we deserve we maybe don’t go for that big job.

Promotion we leave money on the table we don’t try to do the bigger thing because we don’t want anyone.

To know the truth and we think that just because we have the secret or did this thing or thought this thing that we are anything and we’re not the thing I posted something today that I thought was really funny it says um don’t want anyone treat you like free salsa your guacamole baby you’re the guac and isn’t that the truth we are the guac but because of our secrets and this shame that they caused we’re walking around like we’re free.

Salsa and we’re not we are so much more.

Than that but our secrets you know they just keep us binded up on the end side and we live behind them and.

Don’t show our true selves to the.

That we’re just the salsa and if anybody knew they wouldn’t want that guacamole they hold us back in so many different ways you.

Know think for yourself about a secret that you might have and maybe a friendship a relationship that it’s hurt you know think of an area in your life where you.

Wish you could go bigger but you’re afraid that if you do it’s going to expose something else think of the communities that you’re in maybe at your child’s school or out there in the world maybe.

You volunteer somewhere if they knew your secret maybe you’re afraid that they wouldn’t let you have their kids over to.

Your house or maybe they wouldn’t let you be on the board you know and those.

Are the things that we need to stop being so ashamed of we’re all human and we all have these things.

That we struggle with and so this week you know as part one of our series I want you.

To write down your top three secrets and then I want you to just sit with that for a minute you’ve put them on paper then on the other side I want you to write.

Down how are these secrets affecting you emotionally and physically where are they hindering your relationships and how are they.

Keeping you small and next week at 3:15 on Thursday we’re gonna talk about the four different types of secrets and ways to go deeper.