On this topic and the following week we’re going to talk about how do you transform your secrets what do you do to get out from underneath them I’m also gonna put a link down here for a free downloadable PDF about how to live your life by design rather than default it’s gonna help you to start breaking free from front from.

Some of this and on Monday at 3:15 join me to kick off your work week we’re going to be reading some motivational material and setting some.

For the week and here’s the deal guys I just want you to know that I’m so glad that you’re.

Here and I’m really looking forward to helping you break free from your secrets so that you can shine on purpose and remember that when you do this work you’re going to finally be able to stand for who you are without standing against anybody else and that’s it I.

Hope you enjoyed our rural coffee break for the day I look forward to talking to you next week thank you so much.