Hi I’m I’m Russ didn’t check of pioneers and I’m gonna be talking today a little bit about advanced in chukka okay thanks for joining me I think everybody starts out with nunchaku pretty much as a tool for offensive and defensive stuff but you know if you want to be a pioneer and explore it a little bit further then.

You want to make it like into a flow art then you’re going to be probably posting your videos that you do on many of the groups that we have.

For a noon chapter and I have one of them it took pioneers and we are really helping each other a lot inspiring each other a.

Lot even if we don’t practice each other’s move but get a lot of inspiration from each other you know you’re not alone when you do this so for the advance contribution this week I wanted to just say that you know I explained that you start out with one intention with your name chuck’s but you probably just like everyone you’re gonna change that objective it’s gonna change because you change so it’s okay if that changes I started out doing.

Offensive and defensive stuff and then I just kept slowly changing of course it didn’t happen pretty fast cuz I saw someone who was unbelievable still to this day haven’t seen anyone else who could do what he could do so I’m trying to learn that or and share it before I’m before it’s too late you know we can all take a huge step ahead.

From what I’ve learned from that guy and from all my other practice I’ve been doing this for 45 years so I’m 63 anyway when you start out you know in one mode and you change that.

Mode as time goes by because you are changing all the time you know you’re you may go you will probably go away from offensive and defensive stuff and more toward flowing that’s what most people do and then if you want to really explore like the Pioneers like we like I do then you can do that because there’s it’s a free thing you can go as far as you want so that’s my advanced contribution for this week I hope you’re all getting the practice regularly like I am.

And I’m trying to take a minute out each week or actually five minutes or whatever it takes to share my knowledge so I will be doing this again thanks for joining me go ahead and subscribe if you like.

My content I’ll be updating each week hopefully all right and then we’re also going to be adding live performances or live discussions so thanks for coming along have a great day bye.